Overview of Satsang Publications

Book: Atit, Agat Aur Anant

Atit, Agat Aur Anant is written in two complementary parts and provides an introduction to the historical perspective and current state of affairs of the Ramashram Satsang. The book also recommends the path that a spiritual seeker should pursue based on the teachings and ideals of Guru Maharaj Param Sant Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji. The author Param Sant Hemendra Kumar Ji admits his ineptitude as an author but considers that the book is a result of Guru Shakti (divine power), forcing him to put down his reflections about the great gurus, teachers, and Satsangis (spiritual seekers) whom he had so closely observed. According to the author, it is important not to deviate from the originality and the sanctity of the ideals and teachings of Guru Maharaj propagated in the Satsang, as the characteristics tend to get diluted over the passage of time. The book talks about the duty of every spiritual seeker to inculcate the Guru’s virtues such as simplicity, tolerance, selfless love, and blissful attitude.

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Book: Kalyan Marg

Param Sant Dr. Brijendra Kumar Ji, son and disciple of Guru Maharaj, Param Sant Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahay Ji, gave several discourses and wrote articles while he taught meditation and spiritual practices. He was not only a master of the spiritual practices, but was also a reformist. Several of his articles and parts of discourses were found in his library that were never published. An attempt has been made to put this unpublished work and other discourses together in this book. The literal meaning of the title of the book is Passage to Well-Being. Great care has been taken that his thoughts and literary scheme are presented without any distortion. The articles in this book are a priceless possession for the reader and should help the reader immensely through his spiritual journey.

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Book: Param Bhagwat Ka Jeevan Darpan

This book is about 108 real anecdotes from the life of Param Bhagwat Pandit Mihilal Ji. The reader will find that the anecdotes are thought provoking and informative about the finer details of meditation, spiritual practices, and behavior. The sweetness of eternal love and the fragrance of spiritual knowledge have been presented in short write-ups, and each anecdote has an important take-away. The writer, Param Pujaya Viral Ji, was a veteran editor of the monthly magazine “Sadhan” and has selected the write-ups to cover the entire life of Param Bhagwat Pandit Mihilal Ji. Every write up sounds like a self-standing story, and the reader will find himself immersed in the spiritual sea as he goes through the episodes one after another.

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