Developing inner strength to climb uphill with help.

We all desire peace and most of us want to live by our scriptures. But we all are constantly affected by ups and downs in life. 

One of the tenets of Guru Maharaj is that you don’t live to own things, but think of yourself as a guest. You think that somebody else actually owns these things, whereas you are just a user or a caretaker. And that becomes the basis of how you will implement detachment in life.

But it is easier said than done.

You need inner strength for that and how do you get inner strength? That is by ‘Satsang’. This is by going to someone who actually has the strength to implement that. And just by observing how someone actually implemented it, you get confidence that you can learn some of that and apply it in your own life.

You need inner strength to apply these concepts which are not that easy to implement. But then, there are these concepts like detachment, which people don’t even understand, forget about implementation. Both of those things happen when you have someone who has that strength. He guides you and provides you with a tool called meditation which will give you that ability to acquire inner strength. 

Scriptures say a lot of things which are hard to understand. Once you understand, it’s like they become the golden rules. How do you apply those golden rules in life in today’s context, in today’s time? That’s where you become like a PhD student of your coach or your guide. They provide clarity and guidance every now and then.

Peace Lotus a symbol of inner strength

It’s almost impossible to achieve that without first having that inner strength. So the first step in for this to happen is to desires the first step to get close to a Guru.

Lot of people have this misconception that if I don’t have desires then what will I do, because everything is driven by desires in today’s world.

We have expectations that cause disappointments. But if we focus more on duties, is that what we should really be focused on?

I have heard several times from several people that Guru Maharaj’s techniques and principles and processes are simple. So yes, they are, but then it’s a relative term. It’s simpler than a lot of other things. Its simpler than other means that would get you to that objective or the goal.  But it is not simple. 

It definitely requires less effort, less time as compared to other means. And hence, it is more suitable for people who work, have family but it does not mean that it requires less dedication.

It’s like “what you sow, so shall you reap“. Guru Maharaj has written that we should dedicate half an hour every day morning and evening.  So for 23 hours keep doing what you do otherwise. But if you dedicate one hour to this process of connecting, imbibing positive energy, meditating on it and for that time you disconnect from all other things that are surrounding, you will feel more peaceful, restful and healthier. You will  also achieve that inner strength in the process which will give you almost an unprecedented ability to implement these golden rules.