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Dissemination of Spiritual Thoughts

It is nature’s phenomena that wherever a flower grows, the bumble-bee (भँवरा) automatically gets allured to it. Wherever there is a glowing lamp (दिया), the moths tend to surround it. Similarly, wherever there is a great Saint (महान संत), the people automatically get drawn towards the Saint and get captivated by Him. They happily traverse hundreds of miles to get a mere glimpse of the great Saint, let alone spending blissful moments in His utterly peaceful and supremely divine presence. Just like how the wind sweeps the sweet fragrance of flowers and spreads it out in all directions, the cosmos energy miraculously and continuously spreads the fame and the grace of the great Saint in all directions. The same energy radiates His spiritual thoughts (विचार) and divine reflection (प्रतिबिम्ब) to all corners of the world. 

Let’s take an illustration. While sitting in the comfort of our house, we are easily able to watch the television broadcast from another part of the world which may be thousands of miles away. This happens because the dish antenna in our house is directionally “correctly aligned” with the satellite that beams the broadcast. Likewise, our mind (चित्त) latches on to the ever-disseminating thoughts of the great Saint when we constantly seek spiritual advancement. No matter which part of the world the Saint resides in, His spiritual (आध्यात्मिक) thoughts and divine presence travel far and wide, and the people who are truly seeking to grow spiritually and walk the path prescribed by Him, tend to imbibe His spiritual thoughts and presence quickly, and benefit from it immensely. The great Saint’s omni-present spiritual thoughts and divine energy are easily absorbed by those people who are able to control their mind, keep it still, maintain inner peace, and are able to connect with the great Saint. Sometimes, the seekers inadvertently believe that these thoughts are their own thoughts, but in reality, these are nothing but the spiritual thoughts of the Saint. The Saint has received the beautiful thoughts directly from the Almighty and is now disseminating them out to the world for the welfare of the human beings seeking spirituality (आध्यात्म). Therefore, it is incumbent upon the seekers to establish the spiritual connection with the great Saint and seek His blessings and His thoughts for their own spiritual growth and ultimate salvation (मोक्ष).