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Duties Of Practitioners

From Gurumaharaj’s book “ Abhyasio ke kartavya”

Duties of practitioners
Rules and duties

1-Since this satsang has been established by paramsant and Paramguru Shree Mahatma
Ramchandra Ji Maharaj that’s why it’s named as Ramashram Satsang.

2- Man of every creed and community in this satsang may be included if they have a true curiosity and loving heart.

3-God is one and the path of his meeting is also one and that is concentration or concentration of mind.
This satsang is the simplest and best means of this concentration teaches that to whom every human being, whether aged or old Young, female, male, can do it very easily.
People who are Weak or too busy, if they also
keep doing this sadhana every day, then within a short span of time can progress.

4-There are four main things in every religion. In vedic language it’s 1. Karma, 2. Upasana, 3. Knowledge and 4. Sakshatkar ( meeting with God ). Islam calls them Shariat, Tarikat, Marfat, Hakikat/reality . Rituals and Shariat are different in every religion and creed, but from where Upasana and Tarikat begins its
almost same in every religion, there is only difference of words. But fools fight randomly amongst themselves and call each other bad.

5 – The heart of those who make spiritual progress should be serious and detailed ( vistrit) . The one who do not see all in themselves and themselves in all and become strong hearted by religion, they can not have spiritual vision, they are caught in rage and malice as per shastra and that is perfectly right.

6-Love those who have different views,
Don’t fight, don’t call them bad, if you get opportunity then try to bring them on the true and auspicious path. If they do not accept your preaching, then be indifferent to them and leave them at the pleasure of God.

7-God awakens only those whom he wants to give his philosophy and awakens in his heart the rites of devotion and love. He did not create everyone for this, and he gets his work done with whom he wants to, so no one has the right to blame or say bad to anyone.

8- If you want to support others or
If you want to take them to the welfare path then first handle yourself , the moment you become full other will start following you. It is useless to say before.

9-Auspicious actions can take us to heaven
They do not have further access. If you desire to attain God then along with good deeds, follow Upasana and knowledge then work will be done, otherwise anywhere you go, you will not get eternal happiness and peace.

10-There are two types of rituals and customs.
Paramarthik and second supernatural. Just like the world rituals every Family has different religious rituals in the same way, there is a separation of every scripture and sect, let them follow their own religion rules. Yes ! If you can, mould them towards Upasana then meaningless deed will be automatically disappear.

11-God knows every language, loves every caste, Whoever prays with full devotion and true devotion to him in any language, he
Understands and gives blessings accordingly.

12- The tasks that are done with external senses is called Karma and the task which is done by internal senses (mind and intellect) are called “Upasana/ worship” and “knowledge” , as per shastra opinion.

13 – People can do karma by educating themselves or seeing others. But Upasana/worship can only be learned from a knowledgeable person. Upasana/Worship is a particular state of concentration of mind that has to be learned from Sadhguru.

14 – While practicing Upasana/worship there’s an intellect growth and development , then the eyes of the heart are opened. Then the real knowledge of the elements or the world is gained. This is called “Gyan or knowledge”.

15-By this knowledge, when the person comes to know about his world and the true form of God and soul-God and nature , then he surrenders completely and becomes absolute (devoid of lust). This is ‘nirvana’ and ‘Dayaladesh’ and this is ‘Kaivalyapad’ very few Lucky only gets it.

16-Moksha and liberation is not the name only to be banished or non-exile. This is such a special situation that neither can be told by speech nor it can be written . Yes ! People who sits in satsang can experience it, which happens most often.

17-Upasana/worship means to sit near. In this stage it feels like god is standing in front and at that time all the senses gets
Concentrated, and self awareness goes away and practitioner sinks in immense joy. This is a deep meditative stage which is experienced early by some practitioners and some experience late.

18- When the heart is illuminated while Upasana/worshiping and knowledge is attained at that time.The world seems to be fictitious and false, at that time it feels
everywhere there is only one element full of spirit. All the Lust is destroyed and at that time the seeker experiences an immense peace and this is called ‘Moksha’ or ‘Mukti’
It is said that this is the final result of gyan/knowledge.

19-From karma to Upasana/worship, Upasana to Gyan/knowledge and from Gyan/knowledge to Liberation is attained steadily. They are all related.None of these things is meaningless.

20 -People who starts preaching others without practicing Upasana or without Upasana they are stuck in their karma, their knowledge and deeds are considered to be little and useless. They can never achieve such high state.

21- Three modes of Guna’s work in this world all the time and is widespread in every living being and they are called Satoguna, Rajoguna and Tamogun. Origination happens from Rajoguna, stagnation is due to Satoguna and destruction or catastrophe is caused due to Tamoguna.

22 – You see! An object was generated, stopped and then it was destroyed. All these happens due to Rajoguna, Satoguna and tamoguna.

23-Just as the three doshas in the body are vata, pitta and Kapha stays, similarly these three qualities inside the mind are Sat, Raj and Tam. And if any of the three i.e. vata, pitta, kapha imbalances in the body then the body suffers from diseases. In the same way, when these three qualities (sat,Raj, Tam) of equality
Live with it, its ‘equilibrium’ and when
One becomes dominant over the other at the same time, disorder in the mind begins to arise. It is the main duty of the practitioner to overcome these disorders and bring them to equilibrium.

24 – This equilibrium is called ‘Turiyavastha’ and this the deep and steady state of Turiya is called ‘Turiyetit’. Santjan names Turiya as the
‘Fourth verse’ and Fifth rank to Turiyetit . This is the ‘Sattadham/ power house’ of saints. And this is called ‘Dayal Desh’.

25-Laziness, Sleep, Frustration, Anger, and attachment etc. are the symptoms of tamoguni. When ignorance and darkness envelop the heart, and do not understand anything, or so much velocity of anger or fascination, due to which thought power is destroyed, and doesn’t want to do anything then this is called tamoguni stage.

26 – When new desires and desires linger in the mind and there is a lot of tendency arising, fidgeting, and mind do not concentrate, new dreams arises constantly and the mind doesn’t believe in god or Guru, it is more towards earthly works, All these are signs of Rajoguna.

27- When there is apathy in the mind, renunciation and quietness
Being strong, wishing to think about God, satsang and interest in auspicious actions, Anurag is overflowing in the heart,
Stretch and stagnation in the mind, disinterest in inauspicious deeds, You are very happy at the time of meditation, the heart is getting illuminated and you start gaining knowledge, what is the goal of our life, How did we get trapped in this ocean of grief and how can we get rid of this bonding, and we start thinking on our duties and there’s peace in mind, happiness, and there is no craving for worldly things. And have trust in God and Guru, etc. are all Satoguni signs.

28-Practitioners should always Keep checking their state of mind. And if they find that Raja and Tama is prevailing then overcome them with the help of practice and satsang and try to go in satoguni state and further to Satogun they should reach Turiya and Turiyatit state and from there they should meet the real element and meet the God and become one. This should be our goal and ideal.

29-Rajoguni and Tamoguni state sometimes comes and goes for a while, but sometimes stays for many months and many days. And is not removed in any way. The duty of the practitioner at that time is that as soon as possible they should meet their current guru (of theology Teacher) and tell them and request them and if you can not go for some reason, then write and send all your conditions, By doing this the mind’s attitude can be corrected. Because samarth Guru can take practitioners anytime to any state he wants.

30-The practitioner should keep meeting his Acharya with whom the relationship is connected on a regular basis because this advancement of learning is only on regular meeting.

31 – Practitioners also have a duty to always
Keep giving your inner state information to your Guru/ teacher. And when a particular experience in the dream or meditation comes then the practitioner must tell their Guru/teacher so that they can estimate their state.

32- Those who lives far away, It is advisable to keep writing all your condition every month and try to meet them after 3 months. And the one who can’t do this will take lot of time in their progress and also they have to face many difficulties.

33-Many people start saying that Guru knows everything, then why should we tell them, it is their mistake , Sadhujan forgets everyone as they are merry in their spirit. Until you turn their attention to yourself, your work will not be done , nor do you deserve their kindness.

34-Just as there is a custom to meditate macro form of Rama Krishna and Shiva’s, In the same way in the consensus of saint, Guru is worshipped.
We see Guru in the same light as god and meditate and depend on him then work is done.

35 – But whom we meditate we become like that, that’s why we have to be very careful what we meditate. Samarth and Sadhguru are rarely seen in the world. Those who are not such gurus would not have benefited from their meditation but would have suffered a loss. Samarth Guru is one who has attained god and in which all the divine qualities have come.

36- you can read, Identity of Guru which is written in detail in our book Sahajobi. If in a teacher the qualities are not visible, then the teacher should not be considered as a Guru/master. You can consider him as a guide who is doing the work of other gurus.

37 – Guru is between God and us, We can say medium (medium), or connector. Without his help, we cannot see or meet god. Therefore, we should strengthen Guru love relationship and it is our duty to become eligible for his mercy.

38 – Love grows by meeting, remembering and serving, So take care of all these things or else why they will work hard and suffer for you.

39-The practitioner is justified not to follow the mind, but should follow Guru’s suggestions. Obey their commandments fully
to make him happy. Many people do a lot of service but are not obedient, with such people Guru is not actually happy.

40- Prosperity is in the Guru’s possession, he can take the practitioner to any state of meditation in just a moment.
Do not consider those gurus in whom you do not see such power. Yes ! You can call them Acharya or teacher.

41- If you have not seen samarth Guru/ sadhguru then don’t meditate to their picture or idol otherwise you will be in the darkness , instead of soul consciousness you will be trapped in inertia because it is all inert matter. You have to turn away from matter( Prakriti ) and come to the soul.

42-Paganism (idol worship) and kabarparisti both are harmful for spiritual progress , so leave everything behind and experience the form of the soul within you.

43-Leave all the deities and saints, and believe in one Supreme Lord and depend on him. This is the path towards truth. He doesn’t live in temples and shrines.