Sadhna ke anubhav( vol 2)Pages 68-71

Sadhna ke anubhav( vol 2)Pages 68-71Param Pujaya Gurumaharaj1/16/22

”Vitarkvadhne pratipakshbhavnam”
this quote from Maharishi Patanjali instructs us that in a yoga practice, when challenged with roadblocks,  loss of resolve, and  a rise of degrading and negative thoughts and emotions, one should actively try to remedy the situation by cultivating positive thoughts and emotions which stream diametrically opposite to the negative thoughts that threaten to derail us. This mental exercise helps weaken the negative thought process that challenges our peace and spiritual progress.
For example, let us suppose that one develops the temptation to steal. In that case, one should think about the consequences if they are caught stealing. If one is tempted to gamble excessively, one should think about the heavy losses and its influence on their lives. If one feels attracted to the various taboo indulgences, one should think about the loss of face and dignity that could come with it. This exercise of replacing the degrading thought with an uplifting one can undoubtedly help. But in my experience, it works only for practitioners who have advanced to some degree, and have gained some control over their minds. When challenged by powerful negative emotions of anger, lust, likes, dislikes, etc., most others are unable to rein in their minds and frequently succumb to them. Their prayer, their practice, nothing works for them when these powerful negative emotions cast a spell. In this challenging situation, it is the Guru’s help that bails the practitioner out. The Guru always looks out for a practitioner who has wholeheartedly accepted them as their Guru. Accomplished Gurus possess the ability to interrupt and alter the negative thoughts and emotions that threaten to throw us off course. Therefore when faced with such a challenge, one should first try to overcome it with their own effort, and if they fail, they should seek help from their Guru. It is in these trying times that having our Guru by our side proves to be very beneficial. The Gurus consider it their duty to safeguard genuine seekers from difficulties, and remove all obstacles from their path. But they will do this only for seekers who truly believe in them; for others, they remain indifferent.
It is beneficial for practitioners to spend as much time in their Guru’s presence as possible, and assimilate all the spiritual energy they can from them. Practitioners who cannot be in their Guru’s physical presence should try always to keep them in their thoughts. With one getting good at it, the Guru remains in thought every moment of the day and one feels the presence of their Guru by their side all the time. This state is referred to as akhand Satsang (continuous Satsang), and is a state where the Guru’s visual always remains in one’s eyes, and one always feels the Guru’s presence illuminating one’s heart. One day, such practice leads to the practitioners’ qualities becoming identical to that of the Guru as if the Guru has himself descended upon them. There now remains no difference between the Guru and the practitioner. There can be no practice that can better that. For this to happen, one should imagine that their head, eyes, mouth, and entire body are not theirs but the Guru’s. In this way, an intense attraction develops with the Guru, which paves the way for the practitioner to realize their ultimate goal. But one should attempt this only with fully accomplished and complete Gurus. Otherwise, it could prove detrimental. If someone has merged their identity with the almighty and you can merge your identity with them, then you would have found the easiest way to discover what a true seeker desires. Saints refer to it as Bhringi Sadhan.
Sometimes, in one’s practice, one finds oneself unable to concentrate despite trying hard. With one unable to focus and concentrate, the joy in practice disappears. At such times one should keep aside one’s usual practice of concentration and imagine that the Guru is physically seated before them and looking at them. They should not leave this thought till it fades on it’s own. When one does that, initially, one will experience a feeling of attraction, and subsequently, the eyes will close, and one will find themselves able to concentrate. At that time, one can resume their usual practice.
If you experience real joy in the company and practice of some other accomplished person, you must consider it a gift from your Guru also. The Gurus always keep track of all those they love. Whatever such practitioners do, good or not so good, is always known to the Guru. The Guru is also aware of the effort one is making to conform to the guidelines laid out by them. Therefore whether you are in their physical presence or not, always feel their presence, be fearful of upsetting them and refrain from indulging in undesirable actions and giving into weaknesses. Always think that the Guru is present and watching you, but out of the goodness of their nature or for some other reason, are not overtly expressing themselves, as you ponder undesirable actions and contemplate giving in to your temptations. Never let go of the thought that the Guru is present with you, always. The practitioners who can do this successfully, navigate through the various slippery slopes and ditches that can impede their progress on the spiritual path, as they will be able to do only what they feel comfortable doing in their Gurus presence. The fear of upsetting one’s Guru is a powerful tool that can help us eliminate all our shortcomings, and expeditiously advance us to a state where we become eligible to get to know it all. Therefore, feeling the Guru’s presence and keeping him in our thoughts (Guru Upasana and Guru Chintan) can help us achieve everything in our spiritual journey. In other words, one should always keep one’s heart oriented to one’s Guru and get rid of everything in their heart except for love for him. It is said, “sit in the company of people who make this world seem distant, and instill in you an attraction for the Almighty”, when you do that, either their company will make you like them, or they will become like you. In the end, there will be neither you nor them; but instead, both would have merged in the Almighty.