Jan 10

Namashkar bhai sahib and Uncleji, translation from Gurumaharaj’s Amrit Bindu volume 1 … continuation of the translation couple weeks ago — where he is explaining the basis of our system. ????

Our Satsang – 2

Numerous concepts, philosophies, and pathways are available today, all of which can lead us to God. I do not consider any one of these to be improper, ineffective, or wrong. These are different methods, and each one of us is free to choose whatever suits us best.In many of the concepts prevalent today, the emphasis is on “doing” or actions. There is a place for actions and doing in our practice as well, but the emphasis in our system is on making the transition from being a doer to being an observer. A person belonging to any philosophy or belief can participate in our spiritual practice and expect spiritual progress.

Maharishi Shaunik had once asked Maharishi Angeera the question, ”what is the knowledge that makes a person know it all?” Maharishi Angeera had replied that whatever there is to know in this world can be divided into apara vidya and para vidya.

He further explained that the knowledge that can be written in books and the knowledge which can be described in spoken words is classified as apara vidya. This includes all the four Vedas, and their supplements, the Vedangas. The knowledge gained by reading and by listening to these texts is conventional, and it is considered external knowledge.

On the other hand, the knowledge that makes one aware of the ever constant, the indestructible, Brahma, and the knowledge that brings one face to face with Brahma, is called para vidya. This type of knowledge can neither be imparted by spoken words, nor by written texts. This knowledge is acquired when the guru seats the disciple in front of him and directly infuses this knowledge from his soul to the disciple’s soul. No words are spoken during this process. Yet, through constant association, the guru imparts this great knowledge to the disciple, ultimately elevating him to the highest pinnacle of spiritual achievement.

This concept seems so out of the ordinary that scholars and religious personalities of the present-day world may find it hard to believe. The reason is that they have never been exposed to this concept. They have learned everything the hard way. They have listened to the methods and concepts described by their gurus and have put in a lot of physical effort to acquire all their knowledge. It is impossible for them to imagine that spiritual knowledge of such high order can be imparted without a single spoken word.

I am sure that people in this assembly would agree that our system is actually like what I have described. If they try to determine whether they have benefitted from this method and reach the conclusion that they have, then we will have to agree that this path is the same that Lord Krishna describes as so subtle that it vanishes from the earth from time to time. It is possible that after the times of Lord Krishna and Arjun, this method existed for some time, but it was nowhere to be seen in the present time. Our Gurudev reintroduced this concept and gave us this simple, relatively easy, and highly effective spiritual practice.

We became his followers, but none amongst us had the capacity to capture the full extent of the knowledge he possessed. Some managed to fill a bucket from that limitless ocean, some got a glass full, and some only managed to fill a small bowl. That is why his sorrowful last words were, “I did not find anybody fully capable, and I am returning with the knowledge that I possess.” His last words are giving us a clear indication that
amongst the thousands of his followers, there was not even a single person capable of fully absorbing all that he was so willing to share. Despite that, he managed to elevate us, solely using his ability, and completely transformed our lives. Whatever you see in me today is solely the result of his workmanship.

Only Gurudev possessed the ability to impart knowledge to the ones with limited capacity and potential. I can only do it for those who are willing and are ready to make an effort. My lamp is lit. If you have the desire to light yours, then prepare yourself and light your lamp from the flame of mine. When your lamp lights up, it will not only make your life glow, but it will also enlighten the atmosphere around you so others will benefit from it as well.