Ramashram Satsang, Mathura Ramashram Satsang, Mathura Ramashram Satsang, Mathura

Dada Guru, Mahatma ji maharaj, Shri Ramchandra Ji …

His message:

  • Prayer is the food for human mind.
  • Feeling the presence (of Guru or God) at all times, in all situations is true knowledge (Gyan – Epitome of Knowledge)
  • To be happy in all situations is the quintessential duty of human beings
  • Don’t hurt anyone. Keep heart clean of desires. Avoid company of nonbelievers
  • There is no reason to show off. Our objective is to keep our Guru or God happy and live as per his will.
  • Never believe your own mind
  • Strive towards self-less service for all human kind and avoid taking help from others
  • Pray – God, please fill me up with your devotion